What is an After Hours Doctor?

Out-Of-Hours Doctor Service

Did you know that there is an after-hours doctor Townsville residents can request to visit them in their own home at any time? Many patients don’t feel safe or comfortable relying on emergency services or an out-of-hours pharmacy to meet their medical needs outside of office hours – they prefer to see a doctor in their own home. Responding to patient needs, Mooney Street Medical now gives patients access to an out-of-hours home consultation service with a fully qualified and experienced doctor.

What is the out-of-hours doctor service?

An individual’s health needs may not always be treatable within the medical practice’s opening hours. If you, or someone you care about, needs a doctor during the night or at weekends, it’s now possible to call an out-of-hours doctor to attend. The out-of-hours doctor provides the same level of expertise and care as the doctor you’ll see during surgery hours. The main difference in the service is that an out-of-hours doctor is available to you 24-hours a day, every day. They will also visit you in your own home.

To access an out-of-hours doctor Townsville based, call the usual surgery number (07) 4779 3055 and follow the instructions provided.

When should I use an out-of-hours doctor service?

An out-of-hours doctor is not a substitute for emergency care – if the person requiring medical care has sustained a serious injury, is unconscious, having difficulty breathing, is bleeding heavily and/or has an erratic or undetectable heartbeat, you need to request emergency medical care by calling 000 and asking for an ambulance.

Out-of-hours doctor services are suitable for:

  • Advise on a condition that’s worsened.
  • Symptoms that can’t wait until a scheduled appointment is available.
  • Prescribing painkillers or other short-term medication until you can get treatment through a scheduled appointment.
  • Providing medical care that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

An out-of-hours doctor provides the same level of medical expertise as the doctor you’ll see in medical practice. They won’t have the same equipment as you’ll find at your surgery, so won’t be able to complete the same range of diagnostic testing when they visit.

What are the benefits of an out-of-hours doctor service?

If you’re concerned about any aspect of your health, an out-of-hours doctor can provide the assistance you need, when you need it. Key advantages of using an out-of-hours service include:

  • The doctor visits you at home. There are all sorts of reasons why people are unable to travel for medical attention. The out-of-hours doctor will visit at your address, which is easier and more convenient for many people.
  • Expert medical care. Out-of-hours doctors are fully qualified and experienced.
  • Fast treatment. Why suffer until the surgery opens again when an out-of-hours doctor is just a phone call away?
  • Prescribing service. Whether you’ve run out of regular medication or need a prescription for short-term medication, an out-of-hours doctor can provide it.
  • Continuity of service. The doctor will record details of the visit on your electronic records, ensuring continuity in your treatment when you visit the practice for a further consultation.