Skin Checks and Minor Skin Surgery

Doctor Examining A Mole

Skin Cancer Checks Townsville

According to the Cancer Council Queensland, our state has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and one in two Queenslanders will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  Our doctors are trained in identifying and recommending treatment for skin cancer.

What Our Clinic Offers

At our clinic in Townsville, one of our doctors can carry out a thorough skin examination to identify any areas of skin that could be cancerous. If a suspicious area is identified, we’ll need to determine whether the lesion is malignant or benign. If the lesion is malignant, your doctor will need to determine if the lesion needs to be removed and can be treated by some other means.

Our Doctors

Our doctors are fully experienced in early skin cancer detection and minor surgery. Using up to date medical equipment we can conduct full body skin checks and determine which course of treatment will be suitable for any suspicious lesions. This may involve minor surgery, which your doctor will discuss with you at the time.

How can I self-check for skin cancer?

Detecting skin cancer as early as possible is imperative for the best outcome, so it’s important to self-examine your face and body regularly for any signs of skin cancer. You can examine your body in a full-length mirror and use a hand mirror to examine your neck, scalp, back and bum. Alternatively, ask a partner or relative to check for you. If you spot any growths or lesions on your skin that have recently appeared or have changed, they should be looked at by a professional.

Signs you should watch out for when investigating your skin include unusual growths, spots and open sores that are tender. If you have moles on your body, it’s important to be able to identify when or if they have grown, if they have changed in thickness or texture and if their colour is different from before. If you become suspicious of any areas that have displayed these changes, get in touch with us at Mooney Street Medical as soon as possible.

Why Self-checks are important

Self-checks are extremely important for detecting skin cancer as early as possible and ensuring that the appropriate treatment is readily available to you. If you get to know your body well enough, it will be a lot more obvious when something new has developed or changed suspiciously. According to the Cancer Council of Queensland, the state of Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer, which is why it’s vital to keep up with self-checks to ensure that you can be treated quickly and cancer doesn’t develop or spread further.

If you would like more information about how to carry out self-checks or wish to book an appointment with one of our staff members regarding potential signs of skin cancer, contact us today by calling us on (07) 4779 3055.

Skin cancers can appear anywhere on your body, not just on sun-exposed areas so we recommend that you have an annual skin check.  Skin cancer is easy to prevent if you stay SunSmart every day.  The Cancer Council of Australia has some great resources to help you. Click here