Frequently Asked Questions

At Mooney Street Medical, we strive to keep you informed.

Below are the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to ask a staff member.

Our doctors prefer you to make an appointment to discuss any of your health concerns with them in person, however, we understand that you may sometimes need to discuss some aspects of your health care by phone. You may not always be able to speak with your doctor immediately as they may be consulting when you phone. In these circumstances you will be asked to leave your details so your doctor can return your call or you may opt to discuss the matter with one our practice nurses.

Repeat scripts without a consultation will be provided at the doctor’s discretion. Doctors may request a consultation depending on the type of medication being requested and when you last saw your doctor. Generally, 24hours notice is required when requesting scripts without consultation. Fees apply to all scripts issued without consultation with more urgent requests attracting a higher fee.

All initial referrals to specialists or allied health providers require a consultation. It is preferable to have a consultation for repeat referrals to allow your doctor to accurately update your specialist on your progress. However, repeat referrals may be provided at the doctors discretion and will attract a non-rebateable fee.

It is very important that your details are accurate as your doctor may need to contact you regarding your health. Many patients have very similar names and birth dates so even though you may not have changed your details since your last visit, we need to make sure that we are making an appointment for the right person.

We will only be able to discuss your family member’s results and health concerns with you:

  • if we have prior consent from that family member. If you feel you will need to do this on a regular basis, we have a Third Party Consent form which you and your relative can complete for us to keep on their record.
  • if you have an activated Enduring Power of Attorney for that family member. We will ask to have a copy of this for our records. (Please be aware that even though you may be nominated as Enduring Power of Attorney – EPOA, your permissions are not granted until the EPOA has been activated by your family member’s doctor)

Once you have had your tests, the practice will receive your results via our computer system.

Your doctor will review your results and determine what follow up is needed:

  • If your results require urgent attention, the practice will phone you.
  • If your results are abnormal (but do not require urgent attention), your doctor will send you an SMS via Hotdoc to your phone asking you to make an appointment to discuss them. A letter will be sent if you do not respond to the 3 SMS messages sent to your phone via Hotdoc.
  • Normal results may still require service follow-ups. If so, your doctor will request you make a non-urgent appointment.
  • If you have had an X-ray or ultrasound you will need to make an appointment to have the results reviewed.
  • If you are concerned about your results at any time, please phone the surgery and make an appointment to review them with your doctor.

We realise that it can be quite frustrating when you have made an appointment for a particular time and your doctor is running behind schedule. This is sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances and we apologise for any inconvenience.

There are also ways that you can help your doctor to minimise delays:

  • Make sure that you have made an appointment for each person you wish to see the doctor. This will allow the doctor to address each person’s concern without undue delay.
  • Standard appointments are booked for 15minutes. Please let reception know when you are booking your appointment if you require a longer appointment time (to discuss multiple issues for example).
  • If you have multiple issues to deal with, you may find it helpful to have a list with you. Your doctor can then help you prioritise if your list is too long for the booked time. A further appointment can then be made to address any outstanding issues.
  • Longer appointment times should be booked for excisions or other minor surgery, drivers licence medicals, completion of any forms (eg. Hospital admission forms, carer’s pension, treating doctors reports), GP management plans, various health assessments and if you require counselling.
  • Let the receptionist know as soon as possible if you can not make your appointment or if you are running late.
  • If you have a recall/reminder letter, please notify reception what this is for at the time of making your appointment. This allows us to allocate the appropriate amount of time and indicate whether or not you need to see the nurse before your appointment with the doctor.
  • Make sure you check in at reception on arrival.
  • Be proactive with your health care and plan ahead where possible. For example, be aware of when you need repeat prescriptions so that you can allow adequate time for an appointment or for your doctor to write the script for you to pick up.

We value any feedback you may have about your experience at Mooney Street Medical.  Your comments help us to serve you better.  Feedback forms are located in the waiting room and will be forwarded to the Practice Manager.  Alternatively, you may wish to speak to your doctor or to one of our staff.

You may wish to have your complaint handled by an independent body.  The Office of the Health Ombudsman is Queensland’s health service complaints agency.

Contact details are:

Phone: 133646

Web: www.oho.qld.gov.au


Address: PO Box 13281 George St Brisbane Qld 4003

Alternatively, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner can be contacted on Phone 1300 363992.