Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us.  A copy of our privacy policy and procedures can be obtained from reception.

Mooney Street Medical is committed to patient privacy and confidentiality by meeting the legal requirements of the Australian Privacy Principals (APP).

There are 13 APP which outline how organisations must handle personal information to protect your privacy.  Detailed information about these principals can be found at:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner http://www.oaic.gov.au/

Collecting Your Personal Information

Following your written consent, Mooney Street Medical will only collect personal information which is relevant to your ongoing medical care and for administrative purposes.  If you are uncertain about why particular  information is being requested, please ask a staff member for more details.

Your Medical Records

All doctors will ensure that your medical records:

  • are accurate, comprehensive, well-organised and legible;
  • are up to date;
  • have enough information to allow another doctor to care for you;
  • do not contain offensive or irrelevant comments about you;
  • contain a summary of your care;
  • are kept secure with no unauthorised accessed while being stored and transmitted;
  • can be used to remind you, with your permission, to return for follow up, check-ups and reviews.

My Health Record

My Health Record is the new national digital health record system which enables multiple health practitioners to access your important health information when they need to. For example, in an accident or emergency, doctors, specialists and hospital staff would be able to find out pertinent information like allergies, medical conditions, treatments and medicines. While this can definitely be beneficial, especially when you’re travelling, you can rest assured that your medical records are held securely at Mooney Street medical and we will not add any information to your My Health record without your express consent.

Providing Your Information to Others

Your doctor and all practice staff will not disclose your personal health information to a third party unless:

  • you have consented to the disclosure (eg. specialists, pathology and community care agencies) or
  • this disclosure is necessary because you are at risk of harm without treatment and you are unable to give consent – for example you might be unconscious after an accident; or
  • your doctor is legally obliged to disclose the information (eg. notification of certain infectious diseases or suspected child abuse, or a subpoena or court order); or
  • the information is necessary to obtain Medicare payments or other health insurance rebates; or
  • there is an overriding public health and safety interest in the release of the information.

Using Health Information for Quality Improvement and Research

We use collective patient data to assist in improving the quality of care we give to all our patients by reviewing the treatments used in the practice. However you can be assured that your personal health information is not disclosed to anyone who does not have your consent.

We may also use information that does not identify you in research projects to improve health care in the community. You will be informed if your information is to be used for this purpose and will have the opportunity to refuse to have your unidentified information used in this way.

Your Access to Your Health Information

Requests to view your medical records can be made at reception. An up to date health summary can be provided free of charge. More detailed copies of your health records may require a consultation and will attract a higher non-rebateable fee. Please see reception for details.

Transferring my Records to Another Practice or From Another Practice

If you need to transfer your records from another practice, your doctor will provide a transfer request form for you to sign. Similarly, another practice may request your records to be sent to them with your signed consent.

Resolving Your Concerns Regarding the Privacy of Your Health Information

If you have any concerns regarding the privacy of your health information or regarding the accuracy of the information held by the practice, you should discuss these with a staff member. Inaccurate information will be corrected or your concerns noted in the records. For legal reasons, the original notes will be retained. If at any time you are unsatisfied with how Mooney Street Medical has handled your privacy concerns, you may wish to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on the number below.

Further information on Privacy Legislation is available from:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner:

Ph 1300 363992