Thyroid Health: A Guide to Awareness and Prevention

Thyroid model near neck

The thyroid gland, though small and often overlooked, plays a crucial role in your overall health. Located in your neck, this butterfly-shaped gland is essential for regulating a lot of important things like your: Metabolism Energy production, and Hormonal balance Hint: An unhealthy thyroid gland can make you feel extremely fatigued and unwell, affecting your … Read more

Heart Health: Your Guide To The Good And Bad

patient holding heart toy

Heart health is a huge topic in healthcare, and one that gets a lot of concern and attention, primarily because: Regardless of your identity or lifestyle choices, you have a heart Heart health affects so many other parts of your body and wellbeing A healthy heart typically means an active, happy and fulfilling life – … Read more

Now’s The Time For Skin Cancer Awareness

Applying sunscreen

Did you know that there’s a particular type of cancer that has a 90% chance of being cured IF caught early? It’s the same cancer that sadly kills one Australian every six hours. The survival rate falls to 74% when this disease reaches the lymph nodes, and just 35% when it reaches distant organs. It’s … Read more

2024: Year Of The Healthy Gut

Did you know that gut health has a huge bearing on your day-to-day life? It’s true. From mood to emotions to energy to weight and physical health, your gut health might be more important than you may realise. We’re prompted by passion At Mooney Street Medical, we’re naturally proud advocates of all things health and … Read more

How to Protect Your Kids from Common Allergies

Every parent knows the importance of safeguarding their child’s health. With the many joys that summer brings, from beach outings to barbecues, it also brings concerns about common allergies. As a parent, understanding these allergies and knowing how to protect your child is important. Let’s explore how the services provided by doctors can help you … Read more

Common Summertime Rashes In Kids

Doctor Examining A Child Skin

Summer brings with it a myriad of joys, from beach outings to barbecues. However, for many parents in Townsville, it also brings up the concern of summertime rashes in kids. In this blog, we’ll explore common rashes children might encounter during the warmer months and the role of medical services in preventing these rashes. Identifying … Read more

How To Minimise The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer


Every year, around 1,800 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer However, the good news is that proactive steps can be taken to significantly minimise the risk. Let’s delve into those measures one by one. Exercise & Diet Stepping into a healthier lifestyle begins with embracing regular exercise and a balanced diet. Incorporate at least 30 … Read more