Iron Infusions

At Mooney Street Medical, we address iron deficiency with iron infusions. Common symptoms of iron deficiency include tiredness, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Fortunately, our skilled medical team can provide a comprehensive health check to pinpoint the cause and determine your eligibility for iron infusions right here at our clinic. Those at a … Read more

Pathology Services

Whilst no collection services are available at Mooney Street Medical, the doctors refer to all local pathology providers. Samples can still be dropped at our clinic for collection.  

Health and Lifestyle Management

Woman Holding A Water Bottle For Hydration

Our Health and Lifestyle Management Program includes reminder systems, patient education and links to community resources to assist you in monitoring and maximising your own health goals. Mooney Street Medical has a strong focus on disease prevention and health promotion. We believe that you are able to maximise your health outcomes by staying informed and … Read more

Chronic and Complex Medical Conditions

Woman point at arteries in human dummy

Medicare Australia recognises the need for a co-ordinated healthcare approach for people with chronic and complex medical conditions. GPs can assist with this through the use of GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements. The team at Mooney Street Medical are committed to helping you achieve optimum health outcomes. If you have a long term … Read more


Longer appointments are available if you require a special medical for insurance purposes, driving licences, or work requirements. Please advise reception when you make an appointment if you have an special forms or requirements in relation to medicals. On most occasions you will be assessed by one of our practice nurses before seeing the doctor. … Read more

Annual Comprehensive Health Assessments

Be as healthy as you can be It is recommended that you have an annual comprehensive medical assessment if you are 75 years and over. The Australian Government recognises this which means these health assessments can be covered under Medicare. We offer bulk billed visits for this service. You will need to allow a longer … Read more

Skin Checks and Minor Skin Surgery

Doctor Examining A Mole

Skin Cancer Checks Townsville According to the Cancer Council Queensland, our state has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and one in two Queenslanders will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  Our doctors are trained in identifying and recommending treatment for skin cancer. What Our Clinic Offers At our clinic in Townsville, one … Read more

Adult and Childhood Vaccinations

Immunisation protects people against harmful infections before they come into contact with them. It uses your body’s natural defences to build resistance to specific diseases. Our doctors and nurses are regularly updated on the recommended immunisations for both children and adults. We understand you may have many questions surrounding vaccinations, and we also empathise with … Read more

Mental Health

We recognise that sometimes life may be stressful and that your circumstances may not always be as you would hope.  We are here to listen.  Doctors at Mooney Street Medical are always happy to make longer appointments for you when you need to talk.  You may find that it is enough for you to speak … Read more

Gender Specific Health Issues

Comprehensive Gender-Specific Health Care: Expertise in Cervical and Breast Health, Prostate Screening, and Sexual Wellness We understand there are many health related conditions that are gender specific.  Our doctors keep up to date with treatment interventions and recommended screening for all gender related health matters and will be able to help you with any of … Read more